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Developed over 10 years ago, ScoliBrace® has been used to treat patients worldwide with outstanding results
ScoliBrace Approach

The ScoliBrace Approach

Developed in 2011, ScoliBrace was invented to create a better conservative way to successfully treat patients with scoliosis. It is now available worldwide.

ScoliBrace is an evidence-based, non-surgical solution to treat scoliosis in children, adolescents and adults which is different from all other approaches.

Using a specific design algorithm, coupled with a patient-centred approach to bracing treatment, ScoliBrace has become the pre-eminent bracing system worldwide helping thousands of patients living with scoliosis.

KyphoBrace is also a type of ScoliBrace specifically designed for hyperkyphosis.

"It is our vision that anyone with scoliosis or kyphosis is able to access the right treatment at the right time. This is what we strive towards each day."

The ScoliBrace Difference

  • Rather than using a traditional mindset of trying to immobilize the spine through a brace, the ScoliBrace approach genuinely attempts to individualize the correction and achieve an improved alignment of the spine and body posture in the brace.
  • The brace’s over-corrective approach harnesses spinal coupling, not 3 point pressure, to create a better position of the three-dimensional posture of the body. In this position, the brace then works to retrain the neurological connection between the brain, joints and muscles to control the body posture so that the body adapts to a ‘new normal’, ideally a straighter position of the spine.
  • As ScoliBrace is designed to allow for this retraining, it can be used in cases outside of the traditional recommendation of adolescents during the rapid growth spurt, including infant, juvenile, adolescent and adult  cases.
ScoliBrace Approach

Brace types

Designed with the patient in mind, there is a versatile range, custom made to suit all ages and most curve types, with a focus on brace fit and achieving treatment goals.

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ScoliBrace Success Stories

Thank you to these patients for allowing us to show their treatment results with ScoliBrace.

Case – 88 year old female patient

Improvement of a severe post-traumatic de novo degenerative scoliosis using ScoliBrace in an older female | Female aged 88 years with a degenerative de novo scoliosis.

Case – 87 year old female patient

Treatment of a severe scoliosis using ScoliBrace in an Older Female Patient | Female aged 87 years with adult degenerative scoliosis.

Case – 14 year old female adolescent patient

Reduction of Severe Scoliosis using ScoliBrace in a Young Active Female | Female aged 14 years with a 34° thoracolumbar curve.