ScoliBrace® is only available through certified clinics and trained providers
Certified ScoliBrace Provider

Each case is unique, so it is essential that patients are assessed and diagnosed by trained health professionals who are highly educated about scoliosis.

Only qualified healthcare providers are eligible for ScoliBrace certification. Certified ScoliBrace Providers receive extensive training via online and in-person lectures, hands-on training, and mentoring with ScoliBrace trainers until an appropriate level of compentency for certification is achieved.

This means you can have confidence that your treatment is in good hands.

Interested in becoming a ScoliBrace Provider?

Clinicians dedicated to treating scoliosis use ScoliBrace.

The ScoliBrace system brings customized scoliosis and kyphosis braces to your clinic, so you can achieve better results for your patients, anywhere in the world.

If you’re a spinal health professional and interested in learning more about the next steps in becoming certified to offer ScoliBrace services, register your interest below and our team will be in touch to discuss if there are opportunities in your area.

Certified ScoliBrace Provider