Adult ScoliBrace

An adult specific scoliosis brace focussing on postural realignment and spinal stabilization.

With the Adult ScoliBrace®, and its specific approach to bracing adult patients living with scoliosis, it can help them look, live and feel better.

Older adults living with scoliosis can experience discomfort or pain, and their ability to do everyday activities may be affected. Younger adults may have changes in posture and body cosmetics. Their focus may be on preventing the progress of their scoliosis and impacting their life further. For adults, getting a brace which is specifically designed to treat the unique aspects of adult scoliosis can make a huge difference to their treatment goals and quality of life.

Adult ScoliBrace

Why ScoliBrace?

  • The Adult ScoliBrace can help patients with both degenerative (de novo) scoliosis and a pre-existing scoliosis from adolescence as well as age related kyphosis and chronic back pain.
  • Adult scoliosis behaves differently to scoliosis in children. Pain is usually the main concern for adults with scoliosis and just treating the curve alone does not necessarily improve pain. ScoliBrace deals with the unique features of adult scoliosis that cause pain and disability such as a change in the postural balance (sagital and coronal balance) and the development of instability of some vertebrae (lateral listhesis).
ScoliBrace for Adults
Adult ScoliBrace
  • Made with getting the best treatment results in mind, each Adult ScoliBrace is a 3D custom designed brace incorporating design elements to treat the unique aspects of adult scoliosis that are causing the patients symptoms or concerns. ScoliBrace is made using a computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) process.
  • Adult patients may only need to wear the brace part time each day to get significant pain relief and postural improvement.
  • ScoliBrace is patient friendly, opening and closing at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. Many ScoliBraces designed for adults are low profile making them nearly invisible under clothing.

Advanced Brace Design & Features

Made to strict protocols, every Adult ScoliBrace is of a consistent high quality design that gets results.
Adult ScoliBrace Design & Features

ScoliBrace can help adults with the following conditions:

A pre-existing scoliosis from adolescence
A degenerative scoliosis (De Novo Scoliosis)
Age related kyphosis
Chronic back pain

Adult ScoliBrace treatment
outcomes may include:

  • Postural realignment (improvement in sagittal and coronal balance) and spinal stabilization (stabilizing unstable segments i.e. where listhesis is present)
  • Reduced pain and minimized discomfort, and improved body appearance and cosmetics through postural correction and better body symmetry
  • Promoting better upright balance helping with fall prevention
  • Slowing or stopping of progression and worsening of scoliotic curves

Individual results may vary.

Adult ScoliBrace treatment

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