A truly 3D custom made hyper-corrective brace designed specifically for night time wear

With ScoliNight, and its unique approach to bracing, small curves in younger patients can be treated as they sleep.

For younger patients with smaller flexible curves, night time only bracing may be a suitable treatment option.  Worn at night during peak growth hours, ScoliNight works while the child sleeps.

ScoliNight is only indicated for curvatures less than 25 degrees that are flexible. ScoliNight is also best used in single curves and in some cases can be recommended for postural scoliosis if the patient is not responding to scoliosis exercise rehabilitation or are unable to attend scoliosis specific rehab appointments.


Why ScoliNight?

  • ScoliNight is as an early intervention for smaller curves in younger patients. These are single thoracic, lumbar or thoracolumbar curves less than 25 degrees. Whilst ScoliNight is a useful intervention for select cases, patients need to be aware that it is not the most powerful brace and should the curvature worsen the patient may need to be switched to a full-time ScoliBrace.
  • Made with getting the best treatment results in mind, each ScoliNight is a custom designed hyper-corrective brace, made for the patient with computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM).
ScoliNight Sleeping
  • The hyper-corrective approach guides the body and spine into a corrective position that is the opposite of how the scoliosis is shaped. Given the strong nature of the correction the patient is not able to sit or stand in the brace, and the ScoliNight brace should only be worn while the patient sleeps.
  • Curve reduction is sometimes achieved, particularly if the curve is more postural in nature.
  • ScoliNight comes in a variety of unique colors and patterns available for patients to personalize the look of their brace.


ScoliNight can help younger patients:

Children and Young Adolescents
Scoliosis less than 25 degrees
Single, flexible curves
Postural scoliosis

ScoliNight treatment
outcomes may include:

  • Stopping progression during growth
  • Improved body appearance and posture
  • Improved body cosmetics
  • Reduced need for full-time bracing

Individual results may vary.

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