How the ScoliBrace® gets the best fit possible

Every patient with scoliosis is different, as is their personal circumstances. Since these conditions present in a unique way, it’s important that a brace for treating them is also designed in a unique way, specific to the patient and with a focus on brace fit and achieving treatment goals. Current research supports an individualized approach to treatment, including bracing (1). 

From scan to the brace fitting, each ScoliBrace is custom made for each patient. 

True 3D Assessment

3D full-body scans are taken with a portable 3D scanner in 360 degrees in various postures. This approach is not only highly accurate, but also is beneficial for patients with limited mobility and avoids plaster casting for younger patients. 

Customized Brace Design

The scans are then combined with digital X-rays, posture photos, and other important clinical information to begin the brace design process. Combination of this information means a better designed and better fitting brace.

Expert CAD designers design the brace following an algorithm based on the patient’s type of scoliosis or hyperkyphosis and also incorporating the patient’s treatment goals. This algorithmic approach ensures consistency within the design process whilst also allowing for individual customization to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Each ScoliBrace is then manufactured with computer aided manufacture (CAM).

See the video below for an overview of the advanced brace design and features of the ScoliBrace.

ScoliBrace Design & Features


Brace Fitting and Reviews

Every patient has their brace fitted at a fitting consultation, and modifications are made to the brace as needed for comfort or correction. Regular reviews are scheduled to monitor progress and so that adjustments can be made.

The custom approach from scan to creation means not only is the individual brace’s design aligned with the patient’s treatment goals, it also fits the patient much better and is more comfortable and effective than it would be if selecting from a library of brace shapes. 

The unique ScoliBrace approach means that no two braces are the same and your custom brace is as unique as your curve.

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  1.  2016 SOSORT guidelines: Orthopaedic and rehabilitation treatment of idiopathic scoliosis during growth, Negrini et al, 2018. Paper here

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Explore the ScoliBrace Treatment Journey

Explore the ScoliBrace Treatment Journey

Explore the ScoliBrace Treatment Journey

Explore the ScoliBrace Treatment Journey