Stability Health

Certified Provider of ScoliBrace® - the world's most advanced scoliosis bracing system
We are a leading provider of ScoliBrace® for the treatment of scoliosis in Seattle, Washington.

Stability Health Center is dedicated to providing assessment and evidence-based conservative scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment personalized to you.

By offering safe and effective, evidence-based services and products we’re helping children, adolescents and adults in Seattle, WA and surrounding communities achieve optimal health.

Our range of services include scoliosis screening and assessment, advanced 3D custom bracing and specific exercise programs. We are the only certified provider of ScoliBrace in Seattle, a truly custom made 3D spinal brace for children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis.v

Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results
Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results

Our Approach

We are dedicated to providing the most evidence-based treatments available for conditions such as scoliosis as well as other spinal conditions and deformities. By recommending appropriate exercises, stretches, chiropractic adjustments and other spinal rehabilitation methods in addition to bracing, we help people achieve great results in reducing their pain and improving their health.

Our Team

The Stability Team is led by Dr. Justin Favreau, our Chiropractic Physician and Clinic Director. Dr. Favreau has been treating scoliosis patients for more than ten years and is also very experienced in spinal rehabilitation. He is an active Certified Fellow of Chiropractic BioPhysics and has maintained this status since 2004.