Community Chiropractic Center

Certified Provider of ScoliBrace® - the world's most advanced scoliosis bracing system
We are a leading provider of ScoliBrace® for the treatment of scoliosis in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Community Chiropractic Center is dedicated to providing assessment and evidence-based conservative scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment personalized to you.

Community Chiropractic Center would like to help you manage and reduce your scoliosis. We take great pride in providing individualized care for children, adolescents and adults with a variety of spinal disorders including scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, congenital (born-with) problems, as well as degenerative issues. We are dedicated to individuals in the greater Lehigh Valley Pa and surrounding areas, no matter the severity of the case and the age of the patient. We utilize a natural, functional approach that strengthens the spine so it can begin to support itself. This approach can normally involve multiple types of treatment such as chiropractic, exercise therapy, active rehabilitation, passive rehabilitation, and corrective bracing.

We will work together to find the most effective non-surgical management options for scoliosis treatment for children, adolescents and adults in eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our range of services include scoliosis screening and assessment, advanced 3D custom bracing and scoliosis specific exercise programs. We are a certified provider of ScoliBrace, a truly custom made 3D spinal brace for children, adolescents and adults with Scoliosis.

Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results
Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results

Our Approach

At Community Chiropractic Center we have a comprehensive innovative approach to patient-focused care while following the most current evidence-based guidelines for conservative treatment. With scoliosis specific exercises designed for each individual’s unique scoliosis pattern along with mirror image spinal bio mechanical adjustments incorporating traction unique to each individual’s spinal patterns. We utilize scolicare’s patented 3D computer aided design and manufacturing CAD-CAM braces to create a mirror image design to reduce the curve and rib aesthetics changing your appearance and posture. We combine exercises, traction and ScoliBracing to ensure the most effective treatment program for scoliosis in all ages. Our exercise program includes methods taken from Chiropractic BioPhysics, SEAS (Specific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) and Schroth methods. Spinal traction is effective at creating more mobility in those that need it the most. The ScoliBrace and KyphoBrace are used to correct the scoliotic and kyphotic spine in 3-dimensions.

ScoliBrace is an over-corrective brace. It works by guiding the spine and body into a posture that is the mirror image of the scoliotic shape. Curve reduction can be achieved while improving the overall appearance of the body and posture

We believe that the combination of these methods are the most thorough available in the world.

Our Team

The Community Chiropractic Center Team is led by Dr. Larry Wood. Dr. Wood is an experienced scoliosis clinician and certified ScoliBrace Provider, whose evidence-based practice is focused on scoliosis, bracing, and rehabilitation. He is advanced certified in SEAS, scientific exercise approach to scoliosis, an active member of the SOSORT and participates in ongoing scoliosis education.

Specialized scoliosis and kyphosis exercise programs are crucial for treating these conditions in both children and adults. While general exercise may not be effective, there are now evidence-supported, specialized programs that have proven to be helpful when delivered by certified providers. Dr. Wood has advanced training in cutting-edge spinal protocols and offers a tailored program for each patient based on their curve type, symptoms, and treatment goals.

Our approach to bracing utilizes 3D technology and evidence-based techniques to achieve the best outcomes for scoliosis patients. With our ScoliBrace, we use BraceScan software to capture accurate 3D body scans, X-rays, and other clinical information. This enables us to design a customized brace that over-corrects the posture and spinal deformity in all three dimensions. The ScoliBrace’s asymmetrical design and over-corrective approach achieve improved alignment of the spine and body posture, resulting in the straightest possible position for the spine with scoliosis.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call and speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff.