Certified Provider of ScoliBrace® - the world's most advanced scoliosis bracing system
We are a leading provider of ScoliBrace® for the treatment of scoliosis in Belton, Missouri.

Restoration Chiropractic & ScoliosisKC is dedicated to providing assessment and evidence-based conservative scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment personalized to you.

We take great pride in providing personalized and high quality care to children, adolescents and adults in Belton, MO and surrounding areas. We exist for the simple reason of bringing ‘health’ back into health-care; providing care for a variety of spinal issues, including degenerative issues and a specialized rehab based treatment program for scoliosis. 

The current guidelines of SOSORT support combining conservative approaches such as condition specific exercises and bracing to get the best results. We are a certified provider of ScoliBrace, a truly custom made 3D spinal brace for children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis.

Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results
Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results

Our Approach

We are dedicated to delivering the best scoliosis treatment options for children and adults through a commitment to best bracing practice and patient focused care while following the internationally recognized Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) guidelines for conservative treatment. We combine bracing with The CLEAR scoliosis specific exercise program, to address both passive and active rehab protocols.

Our Team

Our team is led by Dr. Nick Weddle, a certified doctor with both the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and a certified ScoliBrace Provider. Our office manager, Mary, and our rehab assistant, Marce, both started as patients with Dr. Nick before joining the team after having successful treatment experiences.