Peak Posture
& Performance

Certified Provider of ScoliBrace® - the world's most advanced scoliosis bracing system
We are a leading provider of ScoliBrace® for the treatment of scoliosis in Springdale, Arkansas.

Peak Posture and Performance is dedicated to providing assessment and evidence-based conservative scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment personalized to you.

We take great pride in providing individualized care for people with a variety of spinal disorders including scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, congenital (born-with) problems, as well as degenerative issues. The clinics goal is to increase quality of life for children, adolescent and adults in Springdale, AR and surrounding areas, with cost effective non-invasive care producing long term results!

The current guidelines of The SOSORT support combining conservative approaches such as condition specific exercises and advanced 3D custom bracing to get the best results. We are a certified provider of ScoliBrace, a truly custom made 3D spinal brace for children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis.

Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results
Scolibrace is patient friendly and gets results

Our Approach

We are dedicated to delivering the best scoliosis treatment options for children and adults. We also integrate scoliosis specific exercise programs using physio-therapeutic scoliosis-specific exercises (PSSE) with ScoliBrace and advanced traction applying chiropractic biophysics protocols. This influences the ligaments and discs in order to slowly and effectively lengthen the connective tissues that are maintaining the deformity and counteract the scoliosis curve with specific muscle training. The ScoliBrace offers a cutting-edge individualized corrective bracing that has been proven to reduce curvature in even severe cases of scoliosis.

Our Team

The team is led by Dr Edward R Virgil, D.C. Dr. Edward is an experienced scoliosis clinician and CBP advanced trained doctor who has an expertise in scoliosis bracing and full body corrective rehabilitation. He trained in sports medicine before switching focus to scoliosis and spine rehab. This knowledge and previous training allows him to approach in a functional and structural way for reproducible results. The Peak Posture & Performance team are happy to answer any questions from patients and their families and make all feel welcome and well looked after.